Interior & Exterior Water Features

It has long been known an aquarium or water feature, whether indoors or out, can impact your life in a positive way. Many studies have identified benefits including reducing stress, reduction of blood pressure their calming effects. Improving conditions for Alzheimer’s patients. Also helping to encourage learning and reducing negative emotions within children. A more positive working environment and increased productivity have also been identified.

Ponds and Aquaria can create and install a unique and captivating water feature or aquarium either for the interior or exterior, commercial or residential. Our unprecedented knowledge of an array of fish and plant livestock combined with an extensive knowledge of varying systems and equipment can create a unique feature specifically designed to your needs and requirements.

Services include installation of the following types of aquaria:

  • Tropical freshwater aquaria
  • Planted aquaria
  • Biotype aquaria
  • Coldwater aquaria

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