Water Lettuce - Pistia Stratiotes

RWFPpistia1 1 plant $5.00
RWFPpistia2 10 plants $45.00
RWFPpistia3 50 plants $220.00
RWFPpistia4 100 plants $400.00


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Free-floating plant that forms rosette clumps that resemble a head of lettuce. Thick, green, rigid leaves are 2 to 20cms in length.  Leaves have short, white hairs and no stems. 

Provides algae control through natural filtration, absorbing excess nutrient through it’s root system. Provides increased surface cover through vigorous multiplication.

Float on surface of pond

Full sun

6-8” Tall x 12-24” Wide

Tropical plant, does not survive Canadian winters

Keep above 10C, protect from frost

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Water Lettuce - Pistia Stratiotes

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