• Ponds & Water Gardens

  • A creative, innovative, personalized service, dedicated to exceed clientele expectations. Let Ponds and Aquaria's passion for water gardening develop your backyard paradise, creating a water feature that fits your lifestyle, and a focal point for your outdoor living experience, whether a new or existing garden.

  • With over 25 years experience and countless projects completed, the options are endless, from a natural water garden, at one with nature, to a contemporary water feature.

  • Design and installation services include:
    1. Water gardens
    2. Koi and fish ponds
    3. Waterfalls
    4. Streams
    5. Refits and upgrades
    6. Pumps and filtration
    7. Water plant and fish stocking
    8. Self contained water features
    9. Pondless waterfalls
    10. Interior water features and water walls